Video Testimonials

One of the best ways for you to help others is to share your story. Here we publish testimonials, which we receive from our members. In additional, Coinmin Limited offers bonus plan of providing 5-10% of your withdrawal amount to all its existing investors to earn extra income with one simple policy of sharing. All you need to do is you have to share your testimonial video with Coinmin Limited. If you share your testimonial along with payment proof of withdrawal amount along with our website then you will receive 5% commission of withdrawal amount shown in proof. And if you share your video testimonial with payout proof along with your face in video then you will receive 10% bonus commission of withdrawal amount shown in proof. To receive bonus commission, you have to upload your video in one of the video sharing website like youtube. After uploading the video, you have to send that link to at We would love to hear from you if you've had a positive experience with Coinmin We look forward to sharing your experience with people around the world!