How to Get Started

1. Get personal Bitcoin address

Before getting started, you first need to have your own personal Bitcoin address. To get your personal bitcoin address, you need to just create bitcoin wallet on any of the top used secured exchange website like and get bitcoin address associated with your bitcoin wallet. This Bitcoin address is used to send or receive Bitcoins just like email-ids are used to send or receive emails.

2. Sign up for coinmin website

To start investing, you need to first sign up on Coinmin website. It is free to sign up and quite easy which doesn’t takes much time. In order to become member of Coinmin Limited, click on Register button and you will take to registration page. Fill the short form and specify your Bitcoin address. Complete the procedure by submitting form.

3. Make a deposit

After registering an account, you have to carefully read all the rules of investing. To make deposit, you have to login into your account using your registered username and password. Choose “Make a deposit” section, select an appropriate investment plan and enter the amount of your deposit which is equal to or larger than 0.001 BTC. Click on “Make Deposit” and you will get unique address where you have to send your deposits from your Bitcoin wallet.

4. Wait for adding of your deposit

Once you send the payment, you have to wait to get the deposit passed through 3-6 blockchain network confirmations to enroll the transfer. Typically this process takes from few minutes to one hour but in rare cases, it may takes up to 24 hours from your deposits for adding in your account. This process is automatic and once the payment is processed, you can see it the section of Deposit list of your account.

5. Get accruals every hour

According to investment terms of Coinmin Limited, the accrual of profit occurs every hours from the time your deposit is active. After the accrual, your profit will be displayed in your balance automatically. Accruals take place on an hourly basis, 7 days a week, including weekends. If you have more than one deposit, your profit will be accrued several times a day depending on number of deposits. Each deposit will be handled separately.

6. Withdraw your profits

Once your earnings accrued and your balance reaches equal to or more than 0.005 Bitcoin, you can make request for withdrawal of profits by specifying the withdrawal amount in the “Withdraw Funds” section. Make sure that your bitcoin address written by you in account settings is correct. All payments are made automatically and are instant which means the system will immediately process it.